All power for women!

A quintessence of being female, Alexandre Bigot’s piece of jewellery from exhibition in Iparművészeti Múzeum, Budapest. Little femme fatale, tiny like a a drop, hidden within her gaudy robes. Her naked body made of alabaster, the rest of gold and precious stones. A Venus of Fin – de Siecle, the goddess. Just like famous Venus of Villendorf, she made impression of watching the spectator from behind her winged curtains. Beautifull and predatory – her shadow reveals her true nature of a moth.

Our times are epoque of patriarchy. Our world is ruled by men and designed for their comfort. There was not a single Art professor in my painting department in the Academy of Arts, Warsaw. I have been bereft of learning of female sensitivity, knowing by myself that my own art language is immensely different from what is expected, more shy, sensitive and personal.

Everything started to change in Art Nouveau, which discovered again the power of females. In those times there were women able to dazzle men, becoming themes of their art – Gustav Klimt, Henri de Toulouse Lautrec, Alfons Mucha, Jozef Mehoffer, Rodin, Alexandre Bigot. But women became not only subjects, but also participants, like Maria Curie – Skłodowska, Florence Nightingale, or Sabina Spielrein, portrayed in the movie “Dangerous Method”.

I wander which qualities of women made them rule in prehistoric times. What was important in their times, what allowed them to maintain their authority, what was development for them and how they waged their wars. Ask Her, may be she can answer: weak yet powerfull – woman can subdue the world without fight. Oversensitive like lover – putting care and human being over technologies a money. Individualist, impossible to guess what she is thinking in the moment, unexpected in her behaviour, creative. A witch, black magician, imaginative and emotional.

So, next time, women for presidents and premiers? Or better not? Or may be there is no difference, for we have both male and female features innate in ourselves?


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