Independence Day riots

flagiWe may honour our feasts in many various ways. Polish Independence Day, for example: everybody is independent and free to chose one’s own way to celebrate.  I have to confess I detest hanging my national flag on my flat – I still remember communist times when we were forced to do it. So official version is not for me. What should I choose then? less official – with a touch of disrespect, or neglect – may be:)  Aren’t the nation – states a bit worn – off idea?

Some choose phantasy way – my daughter says this is a loop, but i can see a sort of destruction here – it is similar to the rest of phantasy ways which happened in Poland recently, for example Polish Eagle made of chocolate – what has been eaten first – the head?

And last, but not least, one can choose a hardcore manner. This tiny items I’ve collected on one of Warsaw streets after riots during our Independence Day, on monday. I don’t know what it is, I guess it is a part of a petard, but I may be wrong. This exhibits show me the difficult truth: take care, my fellow – Poles can be agressive!,artykuly,274400,1,1,1.html


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