a dam to your dreams

the-wall2A mobile dam – take it everywhere to feel safe and sound.  World is full of dangerous people and ideas. Newer forget your dreams are impossible to fulfill. Put dam to endless hope, your life isn’t going to change, follow the orders. Don’t you work at Birkut ? don’t worry – this device is versatile, multi -purpose. Some keep it hidden inside their brains. What are the ideas you would like to keep apart from? What worlds you would like to separate from yours with a fence?









The mode of use


The labyrinth


8 thoughts on “a dam to your dreams

  1. Just yesterday I found out what happens in Ukraine … in spite of my typical neglect of news, it’s an event barely known in Argentina.
    I enjoyed these “perspectives” that you created .. and the deep reasoning behind this

  2. thanks dear friend.very symbolic and beautiful and it really expresses how we Ukrainians feel. There is still a huge abyss between two kinds of people in my country – criminal kings and their slaves, and independent Ukrainians. Earlier I used to think I live in a peaceful and democratic country but it turned out to be quite different. Now it really seems like a very cruel action movie where you are in and it’s not joky anymore

    • Excuse for not answering – somehow didn’t notice you, but I’ve red it now, and it’s being even more actual after two months. I still wonder how I thought we got safe in 1990’s, safe for ever, now a nightmare returns 😦 Also for us, but I know we are in a much better situation than Ukraine, alas.

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