Cat’s mysterious soul

Cats, who come from Egypt, may still remember impassable forests of Ancient Egypt, in the times when great ice sheet has been covering all the north of Europe. In Africa aromatic trees and clean rivers were feeding plenty of animals, among them lions, most powerful and untamed. Queen of the jungle was the lioness Sahmet born from Moon eye of Re: she had the biggest claws and the greatest jaws, she was wild and unexpected. Her roar thrilled the forest, and especially ancient Egyptians on the edge of Stone Age. She defended her father and whole world from the dark serpent.Β  Facing this task with eagerness and, alas, some amount of pleasure, she turned out to be most powerfull of all, naughty daghter, trying to devour her father’s creation herself. This is a story which every parent knows – childen and cats are of similar nature, independent, self contained and immune to any suggestions and commands. This one was a very potent calf, invincible. Well, there are some calfs which are kind enough to listen to their parents and some who don’t have to – they are stronger. The very first word they learn in each and every language is alwaysΒ  NO. The first and most precious. They can loose everything, leave behind a whole world, just to be able to refuse if they please: people with wild soul, and a cats’ backbone. Sahmet posterity. They always do what they want to. Good artist, but bad soldiers, probably. But Sahmet didn’t destroy the world. She has been bribed – probably the first recorded bribery case in human history. She was given a mixture resembling her favourite drink – human blood. Some say it was a sweet juice of pomegranate, others claim it to be wine – finally, she discovered the pleasure kingdom of reward for a good behaviour. She herself decided to tame her fiery temper, remaining invincible, following orders to her own accord. Now she is a domestic cat, sweet and sensual. But when caressing your cat, never forget this look in it’s eyes. If it wishes, it can get wild in a second!


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