Ukrainian Highlander’s art


While we all worry about future of Ukraine, I got fascinated by it’s past. I’ve repainted some Hutsul tiles, originals can be seen in National Folk Art Museum of Hutsul and Pokutya. Imagine a whole stove covered with them, each and every one hand-painted and unique. Imagine a chamber with such stove, with princely decorated chairs and tables, and everything – and you will understand Polish admiration for this culture: Hutsul folk art was very fashionable and widespread in Polish homes before II world war. Simply saying, it really is fascinating. Because of richness and artistry, but also because of history and lifestyle – Hutsuls were real mountaineers, they preferred loneliness than village life, therefore their homes were built in extremely big distances each from another. And they rode Hutsul ponies, very impressive small mountain horses. Friendly and strong, but rather small. Today I an going to paint my own version of Hutsul tile 🙂


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