How to ride a Hutsul pony

hucul4a hucul33a








On these “Hutsul style” paintings is me and my daughter riding a Hutsul pony during holidays in Bieszczady mountain ridge. A herd of those nice horses is held in the wildestย probaly place in Poland, on the slopes of Otryt mountain, where wolves, bears, aurochs and lynxes live. Most interesting, they are kept half – domesticated, just roving freely around their teritory, without any stable, endangered and frequently killed by wolves. Another fuss is to ride them: once on their back, they are very well trained and mild, but if one wishes to ride, one has to negotiate the idea with them – with the use of apples. They are free horses, not slaves nor serwants ๐Ÿ˜‰ Riding them is an excursion around the mountain, where one can meet wild animals ane enjoy landscapes…


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