A tree – monster


This tree has already been here when my ten – years – old mum tried to carry her heavy skis with my grandfather and grandmather, up the long way to the refuge in Koscieliska valley. Not to mention my own efforts in the same direction, and now my daughter’s πŸ™‚ Our memories are connected with those trees, they were there always. This is only one from a tousands of fallen monsters, taking their times with themselves. Powerfull and dark, they lay everywhere, closing the paths and threatening passers-by. Among the piles of powerfull trunks and green branches a beatiful views to the mountains got revealed, wild and unexpected.

I wonder what was the sound when all the forest has fallen down at once, when in december 2013 a hurricane wind denuded half of the Tatra mountains from it’s deep, dark spruce forests. A huge disaster, great loss and incredible work for forestiers.

But there is also another side of the story: those spruces never grew in this area naturally, they have been planted in XVIIIth age. Before, some other sorts of trees used to grow here, such as beech, rowan and a mountain pine called limba, spruces as well, but only in the upper parts of the mountains. Time for changes, may be, but in this case changes may take a lot of time – the full recovery of natural beech wood will probably be counted in hundreds of years…

These days KoΕ›cieliska valley is one of the cleanest parts of Poland. But in XVIIIth century there were huge ironworks in there, sliver, copper and antymony, later iron, were mined. Trees served as a fuel. Where did spruces come from? They were planted instead of beeches, because they were growing faster, they were strong and prowided high-quality wood for houses and violins. Everything one needs: shelter and amusement πŸ™‚

May be in the future they will return to the upper parts of mountains, where they used to grow, leaving lower parts to other species of trees…


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