The lonely wave











To convince my daughter of eight that Poland lays on the Baltic sea, not Meditrranean, as she prevoiusly thougt (undiscouraged with the fact of a quite log journey to Croatia or Greece) I’ve been to the Baltic sea shore with her.

It was nice to be there, enjoying great sandy beaches, some (not excessive) amount of sun, and beautiful cloudy sunsets.

And waves tinted rotten shade of green.


6 thoughts on “The lonely wave

    • Thank you, don’t worry, everything matches: Portugal is on the shores of Atlantic Ocean, Greece enjoys a breeze from Mediterranean, and Poland, where I live, fishes it’s herrings and mackerels in the Baltic sea πŸ™‚

  1. Hello Stonka! Thanks for liking my blog about the washer. You are a long way from me, but it’s so much fun to read your thoughts and see your lovely paintings.

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