The only remnant














This is all what is left of the village Serednie Male (I would like to translate it as Middle Small). This is a lower part of the cross, cast of iron. Very nice, delicate and thoroughly covered by rust.

Before the war the village consisted of 36 houses, inhabited by 240 people, coexisting together in spite of many differences: some were catholics, others units ( a variety of Orthodoxy), and also jews. Some were Polish, others were Rus – not Russians, but Ukrainians rather. But the name Ukraina has been created later, in those times those people were named Rus – or somehow.

Why the whole village disappeared? During war 13 people were killed by UPA neighbours. But this is a very small number, so what has happened to the rest? They have been forced to leave to Soviet Union, and they live in there, probably happily, up till now.

Do they miss their land?

Now it belongs to the horses, who live in there as a half – wild herd, protect themselves against wolves and allow us to ride on them.

And to their owner, of course, but he allows them to be unconscious of that.


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