Chasing the fox in my wardrobe


I promised a story and here it goes – the fox story. The animal hadn’t appear at once: the first came it’s tail, beautiful red tail. My daughter had found it in the forest nad we couldn’t guess what on the earth could force the poor fox to leave it’s tail under the bush. It’s not a lizard, anyway. May be some wandering dogs have hunted it in the frosty winter, and devoured it, leaving only the tip of the tail? It would be a really bloody story, good for my compassionate daughter!  Nay, it was just a piece of somebody’s fur coat. Anyway, my daughter took it home with satisfaction, the tail without fox is better than nothig.

Later on I bagged a silver fox collar in the second hand and gave her to play with it. What a joy! In this way another part of the weird animal has appeared on the scene, warmly welcomed by the audience.

Despite of lack of tail. Anyway, we were lucky – because we had already been owners of the fox tail – without fox. Now we’ve got a fox without tail – and fine. Sounds like the perfect end.

But this is not the end of the story.

The night had fallen, and among it’s shadows four pairs of paws had been roving around softly and quietly. Then the great hunting had started, the two very unfriendly cats who normally hate each other had united in front of an enemy. The have been figthing all the night together and it had been the first time in their history to cooperate. When we finally woke up we found the fox fur fluttering everywhere in the house and two happy combatants sleeping quietly one close to another, with winner’s pride on their little faces.  In this way the second-hand fox had been hunted twice during one lifetime (or even after). Seems that some animals have two lives.


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