Gold for the winners


Is it worth to strive to get awards, medals, prizes?

Is it good to fight for hundreth of minute to say “I am the best”? Yes, of course!

Well, for me it was always silly. But… not exactly. Because on the other hand, is it wise to stay apart, remain invisible, unappreciated, unnoticed, unrewarded? Nobody wants to be the loser. Is there something in between – sometime yes, but quite frequently not. People pay their attention to single winners only, those below, avoiding the competition, don’t count. Become losers.

But to encourage our efforts, the cruel Egyptian goddess of war has entangled. She has been painted on the same piece of paper just occasionally, but now I see how she fits here. Hope she’ll brig us victory. True gold instead of this false one to the right.



4 thoughts on “Gold for the winners

  1. I’d love an interpretation of the two combined …. In one image. I think perhaps whe we want to win, it is for all those reasons….to want it all. What do you think?

    • I can hardly answer, because in most cases I prefer to loose. But now I start to notice a simple pleasure of being the fastest or the best, nothing serious, just fun, there is some hint of playfulness in this. Never pride. Strange.

      • As I get older, I get more competitive. I think with time, more than other people. But also other people. I am 40. If I can run as fast or faster than a 25 year old I’m pleased. But I think it is cause I’m beating 15 years, not that person. Aging in some ways is a dare, not felt when you are 25. Sound strange?

      • Hm. You are lucky, I’m 41 and don’t notice it, my successes are natural. But there is a change: I would like to get some awards. Not in sport, of cause. 40 is a good time to win, it seems…

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